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Today's homeowners are trending in ways to expand their interior living space to the outdoor patio, making it feel more like its part of the home. Designing a patio specific to your needs is the first step in creating an outdoor living space.  A Landscape Envy LLC design will flow with your existing or new landscape, working together for the best functionality and aesthetics while maximizing usable space.


Upon considering your patio project, it is important to determine what you will use the space for:

·Serve outdoor dinners to your family?

·A place to host large outdoor parties?

·An intimate retreat for two?

·A peaceful niche to read a good book?

·A private retreat to soak in the sun and work on that tan?

·All of the above and more?

With the endless possibilities available for outdoor living on the market today, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget! Knowing how you will use your patio will keep you from being overwhelmed by all of the choices.

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